Think-Ikom conference which took place at Heritage Hotel Ikom, Cross River State, on the 26th November 2021, with the theme; Think-Ikom Security Good Governance And Economical Department.

Think-Ikom Logo

The Think-Ikom conference started at 10am and ended at 5pm, was a unique occasion, as youths in their numbers from the two constituency of  Ikom Local Government Area brainstormed on the future of themselves (Ikom Youths).

Think-Ikom conference prayer session
The Chairman Central Planning Committee of Think-Ikom conference, Comr. Alobi Ayibam addressing the youths of Ikom.

The Chairman Central Planning Committee  of Think-Ikom conference, Comr. Alobi Ayibam address the youths of Ikom.
“I thank Ikom youths for coming out in respect to Think-Ikom initiative,” Alobi said.

Rt. Comr. Okpeko Ndep, the convener of the conference said, “I appreciate you all for coming out to join hands to make Ikom greater.”
From left: Convener of Think-Ikom youth conference Rt. Comr. Okpeko Ndep. DR. Cijeyu guest speaker and a member of the high table,

Rt. Comr. Okpeko Ndep, the convener of the conference said, “I appreciate you all for coming out to join hands to make Ikom greater.”

From right: Secretary of Ikom Local Government Area Comr. Esoso Anah representing Ikom Local Government Area Chairman Hon. Kingsley Egomi at Think-Ikom youth conference.

Okpeko in his opening speech said, “lets work together to make Ikom greater, at this point we call on ourselves sons and daughters of Ikom with they expertise, network and capacities, ideas and resources, to join us in repositioning of Ikom, we invite our well wishers who count it all joy to identify with us by marriage, business tires or residence.”

2021 Think-Ikom planning committee officials.

“We would consult work with our elders and leaders in redefining our collective efforts as a people, we most look beyond Doubt, Cultism and Drug Abuse to channel our energy towards another dimension that will add value to Ikom, Think-Ikom has come to stay,” the convener of Think-Ikom, Rt. Comr. Okpeko said.

The Chairman of the occasion was represented by Comr. Ojong Eya.

Guest Speaker Hon. Ojong Ayiba, one time Chairman of Ikom Local Government Area speaking on Youths Inclusiveness in Governance, at the Think-Ikom 2021 youths conference.

Barr. Bassey Okim Ph.D, who was the first speaker on the topic in respect to security said, “they is need for all hands to be on deck.”

“Your attitude as youths can’t be separated from security, they is need for all youths to practice good behavioral attitudes, for insecurity to be cut done or reduced,” Mr. Nkpoki who represented Barr. Bassey Okim said.

Barr. Bassey Okim speaking at Think-Ikom Youth conference in respect to security.

Nkpoki said “genetic insecurity accounts for 2%, biological form of insecurity can be attributed to lack of infrastructures, marking youths think otherwise of stealing, kidnapping, drug abuse.”

“Security is all about safety of  humans and properties, when humans in the community have fear, it means insecurity is in place, youths never be a victims of crime, be careful of your phone calls, make use of your side mirror for you never know who is following you behind, always keep a low profile, don’ be too predictive, try to reward those who works for you well, doing all this we are jointly  reducing insecurity, be security conscious.”

Dr. Cijeyu Ojong, speaking on the topic YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AND ECONOMICAL EMPOWERMENT at Think-Ikom youth conference.

“The Bible says, unless God wash over us, the labourers labour in vain, no where is 100% secure, we all need to join hands to secure ourselves,” Nkloki concluded.

The second Speaker of the Think-Ikom youth conference was Dr. Cijeyu Ojong.

Cijeyu said, “Ikom Local Government Location is a mystery, as we the Ikom people can’t explain, the Alok monoliths, good vegetation, and river Cross River.”

“Ikom is the center of Cross River State, in economic, Ikom Local Government Area never rely on Government, Ikom LGA is having boundaries with Cross River North and South,” Dr. Cijeyu said.

Think-Ikom conference resolutions reading process.

Cijeyu spoke extensively on Economic Development, “empowerment is the improvement of life in consistency.”

“Youths generally need social, educational, political, economical and psychology empowerment not materialistic empowerment,” Cijeyu said.

“Economical, financial improvement and development, are affected by insecurity not only in Ikom LGA also Nigeria in general and the world at large,” Cijeyu informed the youths of Ikom.

“Young people play unique rule in the development of any community, with the right policies, as youths, you all have the potential to grow, economical power is moving down to Africa, the question is how are we prepared?” Cijeyu asked.

“The problem is Nigeria political leaders are not planning youths development, youths should think twice, don’t allow anyone one to use you negatively,” Cijeyu advice the youths.

“The way forward for Nigeria youths, is for Nigeria Government to provide and implement policies that will foster youths growth.”

“Ikom potential is on agriculture, as cocoa, oil palm trees, plantain, banners, ocorow, cassava, leaves Ikom LGA daily in trucks to the west, north, south and eastern parts of Nigeria in turns, there is a need for research center to be built in Ikom by government, and government loan is needed,  as Ikom soil is fetal,”

“Ikom youths, let us think out of the box, developing entrepreneurship spirit is the way out of unemployment,” Dr. Cijeyu told Ikom youths.”

“For youths of Ikom to develop in security, good governance and in economic, youths of Ikom need to engage elective political leaders,” Dr. Cijeyu concluded.

The third Speaker at the Ikom Youth Conference under the umbrella of Think-Ikom was, Hon. Ojong Ayiba, who is a one time Chairman of Ikom Local Government spoke on Youths Inclusiveness in Governance.

Guest Speaker Hon. Ojong Ayiba, one time Chairman of Ikom Local Government Area speaking on Youths Inclusiveness in Governance, at the Think-Ikom 2021 youths conference video.

Hon. Ayiba said, “youths of Ikom create a social attitude, value yourself,” Ayiba adviced youths of Ikom.

“Lack of intellectual capital draw the youths of Ikom backward,” Ayiba told the youths of Ikom.

“Ikom youths create contents for yourselves be deliberate, one of the things that separates Nigerian youths from governance is godfatherism,” Ayiba disclose.

Ayiba advised, “youths of Ikom, do not allow political leaders to use you against yourselves again.”

“You can never be calculated.”

Hon. Ayiba advise the youths of Ikom in regards to 2023 general election, saying “vote for fellow youths in coming elections.”

“Youths of Ikom raise us, youths of Ikom have more work to do for a better Ikom to exist, and the time to move is now,” Hon. Ayiba concluded.

Comr. Alobi called on youths of Ikom under the unique umbrella of Think-Ikom for resolutions to be read, which was the climax of the event, as the convener of Think-Ikom conference Rt. Comr. Okpekor Ndep Okpa went up to the stage and committees leaders join him for a unanimous resolutions to be read out.

Think-Ikom Youth Conference

The resolutions of Think-Ikom conference includes;-

Rt. Comr. Okpeko Ndep, convener of Think-Ikom youths conference.

“SCHOLARSHIP/FINANCIAL SUPPORT: We resolve that Political office holders expecially House of Assembly Members for Ikom I & II in the Cross River State House of Assembly,  Chairman of Ikom Local Government Council, House of Representative Member for Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency and the Senator of Central Senatorial District should as a matter of urgency give scholarships to Post Graduate Students and Students studying professional courses and/or other categories of students deserving same on an annual basis. The political office holder is expected to give the aforementioned scholarship to a substantial number of students yearly and make public his scholarship scheme.

THE NEXT GOVERNOR OF CROSS RIVER STATE: Whereas all Senatorial Districts in Cross River State have taken their turns in producing governors, and whereas Ikom is the commercial nerve centre of the state but hasn’t produced an elective governor, deputy governor or military administrator, neither has Ikom had Minister of the Federal Republic or Speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly  in the past, Ikom should therefore be supported to produce the next governor of Cross River State for equity, Justice and development of our State.

SECURITY: We resolved that kidnapping, herdsmen attack, arm robbery and cultism are alien to us, we therefore condemn in very strong terms all pockets of insecurity challenges in Ikom especially the recent kidnapping of Mr Godwin Ukwu and charge the Cross River State House of Assembly to as a matter of urgency pass the anti-Open Grazing Bill into law and also charge the security operatives operating within the state, especially the Commissioner of Police in the state to step up his game and curb the security issues bedeviling Ikom and other parts of the state.

AGE LIMIT FOR CHAIRMAN OF IKOM LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY POSITION: We have resolved that henceforth, elective positions into the State House of Assembly and Chairman of Ikom LG Council should be reserved for people not beyond the age of 50 years old, and we charge all political parties to nominate candidates and/or flag bearers of their parties with this age limit in mind.

WOMEN INCLUSION IN POLITICS: We have resolved that women should be given greater responsibilities and positions in politics in line with global best practices and in conformity with the Beijing Declaration and affirmative action by electing and appointing more women into political office beyond Councillorship and Vice Chairman and by ensuring that women get at least 30% legislative and executive positions in government beyond.

CHARGES ON ELECTRICITY: We charge our political and opinion leaders to prevail on and support the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution (PHED) to improve power supply in Ikom which is the commercial nerve centre of Cross River State and a strategic border town with massive businesses, and to task PHED to as a matter of urgency supply electricity meters to every household in Ikom Local Government Area, and stop the exploitative estimated billing regime that has gone on for far too long in Ikom LGA.

COMPLETION OF GOVERNMENT PROJECTS: While we thank the Federal Government of Nigeria under President Mohammedu Buhari for the near completion of Ikom Bridge, we call on the Federal Government to look into the abandoned Ikom Specialist Hospital with a view to completing the project and charge the contractor(s) responsible for the aforementioned project to furnish us with reason(s) why that project has been abandoned despite the obvious importance of that project to the healthcare needs of Ikom people, and also charge the Ayade led  Government to as a matter of urgency get the Water Board Project initiated by Sen. Liyel Imoke’s administration working as it appears the project is becoming a monument. We also charge the State Government to get the already completed Ikom Cocoa Factory Project of the state government to begin operations as soon as possible.

VOTERS REGISTRATION: We have resolved to partner with the the political class and traditional rulers to drive the process of voter sensitisation and massive voter registration of eligible voters in Ikom LGA in order to increase our voting strength, create political consciousness and awareness amongst our people, and increase our electoral value and strategic bargaining ability in the 2023 general elections.

UNITY: We resolved that to achieve more in politics, we must work together as a team. We therefore resolve that Ikom people must work in unity devoid of political party and political affiliation, and anyone found pulling down an Ikom son or daughter in politics through gossip, petitions, and the likes, will be summoned by the youths for punitive actions which shall be decided by Ikom youths.

Resolutions at the 2021 Think-Ikom youths conference on the 26th November.

Nkom Cletus Jnr
Secretary Conference  Central Planning Committee

Alobi Ayiba Nentui
Chairman Conference Central Planning Committee

Okpekor Ndep Okpa
Convener Think Ikom

This is our resolutions and it is final.”



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