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MASTERY HUB FOUNDATION (MHF) is an NGO driven by the belief that positive motivation can be a powerful force for good in the world. As both a motivational platform and advocacy group, MHF aims to support the less privileged, promote mental rehabilitation, positive activities, and conduct educational seminars that promote love, peace, unity, and good governance, as well as defend and support human rights in local communities.

MHF uses the unique mission, vision, and motto of "Mastery Hub Conglomerate" as a guid, having guided its efforts to support community growth across a variety of areas, including ensuring access to education for young girls and boys in rural communities through donations of school fees, desks, writing materials, uniforms, and more. MFN also seeks to empower primary and secondary school students and youths through skills acquisition programs, and to provide health interventions to vulnerable populations.

Through its Mentorship/Leadership Program, MHF recognizes the critical importance of building a new generation of credible, accountable, and ethical leaders capable of promoting economic and professional development, particularly among youth in governance.

To spread its positive message and activities, MHF collaborates with other NGOs, foundations, and groups and also professional body that share its beliefs. Through:

❖  Articles
❖  Stickers
❖  Graphics or Animations
❖  Video or Audio
❖  Positive Seminars
❖  Skill Aquisition
❖  Donations

MHF seeks to promote peace, unity, and hope for progress, and to build a better tomorrow for all through our positive activities.

MHF recognizes that achieving its goals will require significant support and partnership from others who share its vision. As such, it invites all interested parties to collaborate with it in pursuit of a better, more positive future for all.


Delivering Good Work Is Our Fulfilment.


To Be Part Of the Future builders.


Creating Hope Through Words And Actions.

foundation mission
standsfor and against


The Mastery Hub Foundation (MHF) is committed to upholding the following principles:
❖  Advocating for human and child rights
❖  Promoting peace and unity
❖  Supporting good governance
❖  Encouraging accountability
❖  Fostering equality
❖  Upholding justice and fairness
❖  Conducting opinion polls
❖  Embracing traditions that are positive and relevant to our current generation.


Additionally, the MF and its members are firmly against:
❖  Cultism
❖  Drugs abuse
❖  Tribalism
❖  Nepotism
❖  Racism
❖  Electoral and exams malpractices
❖  Indiscipline etc.


The Mastery Hub Foundation's membership is open to everyone, regardless of their tribe, race, denomination, or faith. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds and do not discriminate based on your origins or identity. Our doors are open to anyone who believes in our mission and vision and wants to contribute to the positive change we are advocating for. If you find our mission and vision compelling and wish to be a part of it, then you are welcome to join us.


The Mastery Hub Foundation (MHF) is in search of volunteers and partners, comprising collaborators and sponsors of any type and location, to support us in meeting our objectives and advocating for a more just world.


We all need each other for survival and achievements. We can make a better world right from our minds / selves.


❖  To be part of community builder in one way or the other: - developments, peace and unity, through MF programs.
❖  The Mastery Hub Foundation aims to assist the government in the future by conducting motivational talks and sensitizing communities and government officials through our campaigns. We aspire to become an electoral observer group, serving both the government and the people. With hard work and dedication, we hope to be recommended for this important role by the grace of God.
❖  The Mastery Hub Foundation (MHF) is committed to safeguarding equal rights for both male and female genders. This encompasses equality in education, social, political, decision-making, and social protection, as well as equal opportunities for innovation/science practice and sponsorship. Furthermore, we strive not to discriminate based on physical appearance or gender.
❖  It is the wish of MASTERY HUB FOUNDATION (MHF),to support persons financially through saving of funds or loan, giving grants, organizing public hearing (public awareness campaigns) occasions online or through physical gathering, as the case may be.
❖  We MASTERY HUB FOUNDATION (MHF). Would organize competitions like essay writing, quiz, sporting or traditional competitions among schools and communities if sponsored to be financially buoyant.
❖  While the Mastery hub Foundation (MHF) advocates for gender equality, it recognizes the importance of mutual respect between men and women in the workplace and in matrimonial homes. In marital affairs, women may receive final orders from their husbands, and customs and traditional practices should be respected. However, the MF strongly condemns the notion of physical violence as a cultural norm, be it a man hitting a woman or vice versa. Such behavior is deemed unacceptable and must be regarded as an abomination.
❖  MASTERY HUB FOUNDATION (MHF), would join other persons, groups to fight against or agitate for the change of cultures that are barbaric to the present generation. Agitating for change in politics, social etc. our top priority.
Thanks for your understanding and cooperation / participation as well as partnership, sponsorship with the MASTERY HUB FOUNDATION (MHF) to achieve the biggest target:- to make the world a better place right from our minds.

The Mastery Hub Foundation expresses gratitude for all the ideas that have been submitted and those yet to come. We invite you to continue contributing, commenting, recommending, and sponsoring our efforts. We encourage you to engage with the Mastery Hub Foundation (MHF) by reading and internalizing our motivational content, as well as sharing it with others to make a positive impact on their lives. The life-changing motivations provided by the MHF are exceptional and go beyond the ordinary. Additionally, we recommend reading the daily news provided by Mastery Media Nigeria, which covers a range of topics, including sports, events, politics, religion, and more.