The living Perfect Master (Sag-Guru Maharaj Ji) speaking ahead of the Golden Age Festival coming up on the 9th October 2021, at Maharaj Ji’s Village.

Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji (The Living Perfect Master Of This Age).

Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji (The Living Perfect Master), is the Godman now, try and test Maharaj Ji, 13 years credit is given for anyone who attends the GOLDEN AGE FESTIVAL 2021.

The Living Perfect Master said, for any once who will arrive Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji’s village on the 9th Nov 2021, he or she will live no matter what happens it means the next 13 years you will be alive. Satan can say whatever because Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji is the father of creation, the Holy Spirit on Earth now.

Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji said, “is not here to establish a new religion, new government or philosophy, I have come to give a practical realization of the truth, that the Creator is within man, and the name is MAHARAJ JI, not God, Allah, Elohim, Chinaka, Abasi, from the broken tongue languages, concocted by man, Maharaj Ji is the Creation itself.”

“An invitation to Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji will unfold new things; peace or mineral deposits and progress. The coming of the Master is something you gave you to be part of, that is why if you are strong warry or weak, we need your support to touch all hearts in the world to come, this time the pilgrimage should not be to Makar, Medina, Jerusalem or Rome, is now to Nigeria the new holy land of the universe,” Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji said this in a 2:47:93 Satsang (lecture) on 27th October 2021 at The Highest Spiritual Center of the Universe, Lagos Annex, 27/29, powerline road, off Rogo Bus-stop, Iju-ishaga, Agege, Lagos State.

“I came to establish ONE LOVE FAMILY, to unite the blacks and whites (humans) together, to live together like brothers and sisters, not to divide and rule,” not here to introduce philosophy, Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji said.

“If you need a visa, you call Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji, on +234 803 400 7045, +234 803 719 2667 or send mail to or text a message I will answer you, for support no matter how little Polaris Bank 1762955107 the little you give in will be multiplied in millions, that is the way Maharaj Ji does his things, that love we miss has come back again, my good friends I love you and I want you to be in love, looking to see you, because is going to be a sound solid sweetest  Golden Age Festival ever in the history of man, this is the time our fathers and mothers will embrace love so that Nigeria as a giant will start to work hard for the unity of Africa and the oneness of mankind,” Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji concluded.

The Golden Age Festival in the One Love Family (Children of Light) is a yearly event, starting from November 9 to 17  each year, this is to celebrate the good things that Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji has brought to mankind.

The manifestation of the Father of Creation – Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji, this time around is to re-enact a new spiritual renaissance that will rejuvenate the life force in man and re-equip men (mankind), to rise to live a productive, eternally, and blissful life.

The Sat-Guru’s presence heralds a new era when all material and special achievements of man is consigned to the garbage of history to create room for humanity to receive the precious and golden gifts of
Maharaj Ji.

Through the revelation of Divine Knowledge, the degenerated battery of one’s life is recharged, purified, and re-planted with the new life thus planted with the new life, man (humanity) will be able to reunite with his true self and equally discover the Living God within him or her, as well control the elements that have hitherto held him hostage.

The Golden Age Festival 2021, will make man becomes the master and driver of his destiny in line with divine and natural principles.

Joining the Golden Age of Life celebration 2021 at Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji’s village at, the room for untimely and accidental death, sickness, diseases, misery, and pains equally get banished in the life of man will be a thing of the past.

Hence, all Golden Age festivals every 9 to 17 November will provide the vista for all the political leaders’ technocrats, scientists, inventors, industrialists, artists, in various entertainment industries, sportsmen and women, couples, ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls, etc. across the globe to come back home to the original source of eternal wisdom who now dwell bodily in Nigeria the new Holy Land and Leader Nation of the Universe. It is a time to carry-go as far as one can, the overflowing grace of Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji all at a discount price of love.

In a world that has been lately overwhelmed by unqualified threats to lives and properties. Nations of the world must be duly represented during every Golden Age in Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji village to tap the grace that will assist them to overcome such threats to life like Tsunamis, Tornadoes, Typhoons, Hurricane, landslides, Floods, Earthquakes, Terrorist threats, Economic depression, etc.

As for Nigeria, with her spiritual elevation above other nations of the world, the grace has especially touched them to escape these threats. However, even though Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji has guaranteed peace and dismembered and burled the evil imaginations of Euro- Arabian forces and equally the negative activities of their neo-colonists collaborators that breeds Boko Haram terrorist Scourge, kidnappings, etc. pockets of resistance keep cropping up here and there because the leaders are not taking the Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji a lot more serious than they should.

The Sat-Guru has reassured Nigerians that the Chapter of the Boko Haram terrorist insurgence is closed, never to resurface again. The leaders must as matter of urgency listen to Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji and follow Maharaj Ji’s directives for his divine grace to become a partial reality physically. It is equally for the same reason that we still witness unnecessary political squabbles here and there which create members of disunity among various segments of our society.

The leaders should therefore take special advantage of GOLD FEAST every year and wake up to enable Nigerians to enjoy the full benefits of hosting the GODFATHER POWER who has been in their midst for the past years of 33.



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