In the aspect of Students and Youth Associations in Nigeria and their inputs in Nigeria, Mastery Media saw the need to interview one of the leaders of NISAYA. To see his views on the social-political Atmosphere of Students Association and Youth Associations.

Nigeria Students And Youth Association logo.

Comr Emmanuel C.I. Michael the Chairman, Nigerian Student and Youth Association (NISAYA). Cross River State Chapter said.

Comr Emmanuel C.I. Michael the Chairman, Nigerian Student and Youth Association (NISAYA). Cross River State Chapter.

‘There has been a question for centuries that no one has been able to answer, despite the various attempts from great scholars and philosophers, which is, the hobbesian question:- How can the society be Possible?

This question is really a food for thought and its answer is relative.

Comr. C.I Emmanuel. In his attempt to answer this question, he said ‘the society would be possible if in reality power is in the hand of the people while service is the tenet of leadership and governance’.

Question from Mastery Media: WHY DO YOU SAY SO COMR. EMMANUEL?

He said ‘yes we practice democracy which gives power to the people but you see; this is only in theory but not in reality that is because we don’t know our rights’.

Emmanuel continued. ‘We have lived for so long in this valley of despair despite surrounded by a great ocean of wealth and prosperity, it’s time to rise as youth and students to change the narrative of this nation. We are tired being oppressed by people who we empowered’.

‘It’s time we arose O compatriots that the labour of our heroes past would not be in vain’ Emmanuel concluded.

Together we can build a better Nigeria.

Comr. Emmanuel C.I. Michael, is the
Chairman, Nigerian Student and Youth Association (NISAYA). Cross River State Chapter. His calling on Cross River State Students and Youths to identify with NISAYA, to enable Crossriverians build up a better force for the state. With phone number: 08037301960

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