An open letter have been written to the Honorable commissioner of environment of Oyo State, Hon.Dr. Abdulateef I. Oyeleke by ONE LOVE FAMILY – The Living Perfect Master Sat Guru Maharaj Ji. With the bold title;

One Love Family.




For the third time running, we are reporting to the Hon. Commissioner about the scary health hazards created by Fulani Boko Haram agent trespassers who were aided and abetted by the discredited FSARS to forcefully seize parts of Maharaj Ji Village Land and with impunity erected an illegal structure there with utter disregards to two separate court judgments that declared null and void claims of land ownership by anybody around there for lack of locus standi.
Like we mentioned in our earlier letter Ref: SGMJJ /OLF /ENV /SAA /021 /191709 dated December 18, 2019; we observed as follows: –

  1. The premises serve as a business centre, though the exact nature of the business transacted within remains uncertain to us, since there is no billboard announcing the manner of business that is being carried out there, neither do we have access to the premises.
  2. The immediate environment of the premises has been converted to a cemetery where dead animals are buried in shallow graves. Even at that, the type of bodies being buried there still lies within the conjecture of the human mind, since we have never caught them red-handed in the act. But judging by the bones found in the shallow pits, bodies are buried there for sure. But what kind of bodies, we don’t know.
    Under the law, if they are operating an abattoir there, the feasibility studies prior to commencement of business must have taken into cognizance the inherent dangers the waste products emanating from there poses, in respect of the public health of members of the neighboring communities, hence made adequate provisions for the disposal of such waste without endangering lives.
  3. Under normal circumstances, in a properly articulated business setting, due prominence is given to location before siting such a business venture that generates such hazardous waste. Hence, due consideration would have been given to where there is a river to carry away the waste water in order to avoid creating any public nuisance. But in this case, there is nothing like that.
  4. Right now, Maharaj Ji Village Community and Odo-Ona Kekere Village are under serious threat as a result of the health-hazards arising from the dubious activities of the company without a business name.
  5. The stench of toxic and offensive odor oozing from the pits with its grave health implications to the residents of Maharaj Ji Village, Odo-Ona Kekere Village and its environs needs not be overemphasized then.
  6. Now in the course of the on-going reconstruction/rehabilitation on Ibadan/Lagos Expressway, the matter has been made worse for the following reasons: –
    (I) The provision of drainage channel along the expressway has blocked the narrow passage way through which the polluted waste water flowing from the illegal business premises across the express down to Odo-Ona Kekere.

(II) In the light of this, operators of the undefined business used about four inches PVC pipes to connect the hazardous pungent smelling waste water into the newly constructed drainage channel at two points. The waste water which largely consists of blood and particles of decomposing bodies are now discharged openly inside the drainage channel which now flows along the expressway and gather around Maharaj Ji Village front. The offensive stench arising from the waste and its obscene sight is highly nauseating, objectionable and condemnable.

(III) It’s purely unacceptable and intolerable to have such a situation under normal condition, talk less in this era of COVID-19 pandemic when the government has sacrificed so much to guarantee health security of the citizens, backed up with heavy public enlightenment campaigns on the need for the citizenry to take precautionary hygenic measures, like ensuring a clean and healthy environment, regular washing of hands, and use of nose mask for guaranteed public health of the people, since life they say has no duplicate.

(IV) I therefore, crave your indulgence for government’s intervention on this matter in the interest of public health of those residing in Maharaj Ji Village and environs with a view to forestalling grave threat to public health and any kind of unforeseen consequences that may arise from the not-so clear business activities going on there.

(V) The imperative for guaranteed life and public safety of the citizenry far out weights the obsession for primitive wealth acquisition, because it is said that health is wealth and a stitch in time saves nine.

(VI) We feel highly obliged to remind the Hon. Commissioner that the culture of the Yoruba race, which unarguably adjudged as the best in the world, places highest premium on respect, sanctity and sacredness of human life, with utter disdain for materialism, because of the recognized fact that strict adherence to our cultural and traditional practices are the ONLY Key to longevity.
Hence, we find it irreconcilable the un-called for suffering of a whole community brought about by the selfish interest of one individual whose business concern was sited without due feasibility study and disrespect for the rule of law has become real threat to the lives of bonafide law abiding citizens, whose environment has been degraded through air and ground water pollution.

(VII) As law abiding citizens, we say this because we can’t see how a community can be subjected to live in an environment highly degraded and polluted by unhygienic, offensive stench as well as ground water pollution of well-water, which is their only available source of water supply, when contaminated by blood and decomposing animal wastes?

(VIII) In line with natural justice, we call for government urgent intervention on the matter without delay in order to prevent any unpleasant development that could lead to degenerated environmental public health of the people, threat to peace that may result in loss of lives.
Yours In the Service of Almighty Maharaj Ji
My Love and Blessings.

Satguru Maharaj Ji
(Living Perfect Master).

The Living Perfect Master – Sat Guru Maharaj Ji



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