In this contemporary Nigeria, Africa and the world in general, where there is a large depending level emanating from socio economic predicament cum lack of self-reliance, poor quality education, low self-esteem and fear of the uncertainty for tomorrow, consequential to the high level of unemployment, low skill acquisition neglect to simple and lucrative hard works as well as insubordination to new initiatives. The have led the youth to dependency, frustration, and involvement in criminal acts and even fear for tomorrow leading to today’s suicides.  MASTERY HUB is saying No!

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Students are the youths, which is said   that, students are leaders of tomorrow. Students have been misled and disappointed by some of their predecessor who present themselves as civil servant, business men and women, politicians and government officials with bad unscrupulous behavior. They engage in the embezzlement of public funds, killing of innocent and industrious souls and enriched themselves at the expense of the poor masses. The society acknowledging and giving them titles and awards and even chieftaincy titles. Students and Youths fitting each other, blaming one another for yesterday, instead of blaming leaders and their predecessors for the bad state of our dear community or country.

Tomorrow is no longer vibrant, hence; the students and youths, are afraid and often asking: “is there any tomorrow? Undoubtedly, the students / youths forms the strength of any community and nation as pointed out by a renowned economist Adam Smith. The students and youths serves effectively at the ages of 18 and 40, within which they are full zeal, energy and enthusiasm and also very desperate to know their stand in life in order not to fall victim to been fool at forty and forever.

Today, students / youths are wallowing in frustration due to joblessness and bad governances. A good number of Youths have graduated from different institution of higher learning in deferent disciplines, with good grades. Yet the run around the streets of our cities in search of jobs, at this juncture Mastery hub family have thought it wise to take upon ourselves sensitized and orientate our young ages, followers, readers and those who depend on us for brighter light for good information, to bring to us all: the remedy of the above discourse challenges; because time the say waits no body, and as acquisition of riches and wealth seem to be criteria for the assessments of a man success in our communities, the youths and students are therefore challenged to enrich themselves and become wealthy at all cost. This pressure to be rich leads to unlawful acts like drug trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping, and evil rituals. Among all these, I strongly believe that there is a solution to these societal ills in our communities for the betterment of the world in general.


A story was once told off a hungry man who was looking for where he could find food even if it means paying for it. As God may have it, he saw a restaurant and at the entrance of the restaurant was written “Come and Eat for your forefathers have paid for you”.

He entered, ate free of charge and very happy, but as he was about to go out, he saw on the exit of the restaurant “Pay for your sons”. Seeing this he was annoyed because he was asked to pay for his sons. What a selfish man!

Many of our young boys and girls and Youths are like this young man, Youths want to enjoy other people effort without contributing a quota for the good of the nearest future and for the future and society at large.

Student and Youths should learn from mistakes of their fore fathers and mentors, to embrace self-reliance, develop patriotic attitude, knowing that the adage that says “Sins of the father affect their children”. One fundamental thing is: Youths and Students should believe strongly in positive change and be ready to pursue greatness in all righteousness because: Those who quite are not successful to wine, those who are always successful don’t always quite no matter what, continue even if you are tired stop when you are done. Bassey Nton Nton.

Youths and even students should have a reorientation and rethinking towards success by cherishing hard / intelligent work, being patriotic, bearing the common good name of our community and country nor our race at large. Youth believe in yourself, develop the “I can do spirit”, remain focused and never give up in life, do not put your eggs in one basket, looking for white collar jobs which are nowhere to be found instead be creative and seek to self-employed you should develop, you can still after continue to hope for your dream to physicalizes, for: “it is better to be late than never”.

Good things don’t come easy; and that you have to dig deep down the soil to get gold. Youths learn how to manage your time positively, draw a good timetable (scale of preference) of your dreams: what you want to achieve in life having alternative if need be Some times in life when the odd becomes a numb Bassey Nton Nton, have a vision and work tirelessly to actualize the set objectives in life.


Long live fighters and lovers of a better future.

Mastery Hum is an experience team of provisional in Engineering, Media and Computer services.



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With his extensive training in leadership, interpersonal relationships, communication, and entrepreneurship, Bassey has honed his skills and acquired a wealth of experience as a natural-born leader. He exudes confidence, intelligence, and a willingness to speak out on important issues. His flexibility and friendly demeanour enable him to adapt to modern-day patterns and principles while drawing valuable lessons from history to shape a promising future rooted in existence, positivity, and sustainability. Bassey holds cultural values in high regard, recognizing them as essential elements of the belief system.

Beyond his professional expertise and advocacy work, Nton is a multifaceted individual. He embraces his role as a tourist, exploring various destinations, and actively engages as a grassroots mobilizer. As a freelancer, influencer, and risk and security manager, he demonstrates versatility and adaptability in diverse domains. Furthermore, his skills extend to project management, data science and analysis, cybersecurity, UI/UX design, product design, Excel, and content creation. Additionally, Bassey excels as a social media manager, effectively leveraging digital platforms to disseminate his message and connect with a wide audience.

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