My dear Sen. Pro. Benedict Ayade. I sincerely use this platform to say congratulation on your second term in office and your stay in office as elected Governor of Cross River State, I acknowledge your ambiguous startup works and projects  in your last four years.

Pro. Ayade Sir. Your dreams to industrialize Cross River State are welcoming ambitions. But as a Crossriverian when it comes to matters on where I come from, I always tell the simple truth, even if I am no body that I will be head, a tree can not  grow overnight! A tree takes time naturally, a tree under goes stage by stage procedures  in growing to a mature tree of  bearing fruits.

As a citizen of Cross River State, a young Man with the little I know, I see the establishments of OBUDU CATTLE RANCH which granted Obudu mountain race with strong international recognition and the setting up of TINAPER as a trade center by Governor Donal Duck as the foundation for cross river State industrialization, but for about twelve year, this establishments (OBUDI CATLE RANCH / TINAPER ) had been abandoned by Cross River State Governments without acceptable reasons to crossriverians.

However, your Excellency Sir Pro. Ayade, I must confess, your projects are very good through your dreams to industrialize Cross river to mention: the superhighway which cut across southern, central and northern Cross river state is very welcoming, in record making it the first official outing for commissioning by President M. Buhari, making it the head line of media platforms which attracted people within and outside Cross River State to focus.  But the superhighway project was not taken serous considering the high expectance from crossriverians. The deep seaport with idea to feed the superhighway is a good intention.

The CalaPharm, CalaVegas, Cocoa Factory in Ikom, Rice Mill Ogoja etc, all the ambition projects with the pick aim of industrializing our dear Cross River State are welcoming, but as I said earlier A tree can not  grow overnight, forgive me, I humbly beg for double efforts to physicalizes  all your projects.

Considering the long tradition in the Nigeria politics  which is: lack of continuity, in cross river state we have abandoned projects like in Ikom Local Government   ‘Federal General Hospital’ in Ikom 4 corners along Ikom-Calabar Highway is abandoned, if this propose ‘Federal General Hospital’ was completed lives will be save. Your Excellency if this your dream to industrialize cross river through your ambiguous projects is not physicalize now in your second term lack of continuity would or may affect them, is not a prayer from anyone or me.

Considering your first tenure Pro. Ayade Sir. I belong to the set of crossriverians with opinion that: your long list of appointees should be shortened considering that this appointees are ‘special burden in the last four years and 95% are not ‘technocrats’. I humbly suggest for the conduct of Local Government election, which will give rise to Executive Leaders of each of the 18 Local Government Areas of Cross River State, technically dissemination of powers will be achieve through elected LGAs Chairman and Wards Counselors will play their parts in governance.

On the educational sector of Cross River state, considering  your high  educational achievements to the rank of Professor and as a digital Governor,   I beg you to have a deep view because education is the bedrock of the future leaders, I will like you to have an urgent look at tuition fee and enact reduction  in schools like UNICAL (University of Calabar) CRUTECH (Cross river university of technology) and all Colleges Of Education in Cross River State which will be a relief to parents and students, I humbly go further to say, let us have free education in all Government Primary and Secondary schools in Cross River State to give grace to all children to be in school without excuse, need for more secondary and primary school teachers to be employ and posted for many of rural school are without teachers, computer education should be encourage in Government Secondary Schools in Cross River State by making available of Computer stets in rural school.   Need for Students unions to be acknowledge for students gave you MASSIVE vote of high %,  right from NACRS WW (National Association Of Cross River State Students Worldwide) NIAS WW (National Ikom Students Association Worldwide) including all other Local Government Areas students Association and even the ward students body for example  NSA WW (Nde Students Association Worldwide) and all other wards student body in Cross River State should be encourage and acknowledge,  bursary and scholarship should be given to students which will do a lot of good. Considering the fact that, with all the wealth of Cross River State free education in the tertiary institution for now cannot be achieve but can be achieve.

I appreciate your achievements like ‘TOOTHPICH FACTORY’, your lovely dream to carry everybody along through your appointments in your last four years and constant payment of Civil Servants salaries I say weldon sincerely. I wish in the Civil Service employment should be done  and promotions  should be made for those on merit, while those who were promoted since should be paid accordingly which is the humble begging from Civil Servants.

I call on urgent view on the TRADITIONAL institution, increasing take home pay for all traditional leaders of Cross River State is highly necessary and will do a lot of good, considering the fact that traditional leaders are the closest leaders to the people which make them not to slip with their two ears and eyes close daily. So your Excellency Sir, equipping the Clan Heads with a cars each, in wards in Cross river State will help them in movement many are not financially buoyant.

On this paragraph, I would spell out that: I belong to no or promote no political party but belong to OLF (One Love Family) and NYAN (Nation Youth Assembly Of Nigeria) which members write speak without fear or favor, I am just expressing the feelings of many.

I congratulate you once again in your achievements in the last four years and your victory in the last general election which made your inauguration on the May 29, 2019 a reality.

I pray God see you through, throughout your governance in the next 35040 hours (4 years). Esowo-nton (God) blessings.  
Bassey Nton Nton

Bassey Nton Nton





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