Master engineering observed that, many years ago, the demand for more stable and reliable electricity supply in Nigeria has been endless, particularly for households considering that government can’t provide needed electricity for our communities. The inability of families to consistently enjoy one of the most essential necessities of life in the 21st century has plagued many parts of Africa’s largest economy for too long. This has had palpable negative impacts on the nation’s economy and the standard of living of its people for eons Mastery Engineering observe.

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How with Solar power energy, roof with solar panels

‘February 2015, the national grid recorded a total power generation of just less than 2,900 MW which is about 1.8 percent of the estimated capacity required nationwide according to the Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo. January, he confirmed that Nigeria needed 160,000 MW in order to reach globally accepted standards and satisfy the demand for stable
supply’ for the 170 million Nigerians’. Putting this into further perspective, Bloomberg, Nigeria generates a tenth of the amount of electricity produced by South Africa despite the fact that its

Justificatory, Nigerians are nervous in search for new alternatives to their National Grid. In 2009, Dr. Frank Jacobs, regional chairman of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), disclosed that 60 million Nigerians own fuel powered generators for use during power cuts. Since then, this number has significantly increased as a result of population increment, development and decreased electricity generation and longer spells of black outs.

Solar panels of different kinds

Mastery Engineering met with renounce MDs of a big Hospitals, Banks, Governments Ministries, Super markets, Schools and Hotels in Ikom 4 coroners, Ikom Local Government Area of Cross River State, Just like many others in including households, many MDs owns at lest a 4-kW petrol powered generator to provide backup electricity when there is no power; apparently this happens nearly every day. On average, MDs spends N480,000 ($2,420) on fuel annually and approximately N40,000 ($202) per month. Also MDs spends a little more than have of the estimated money at home, for they family, since the wife and children don’t stay at home during the day. In Banks, Hotels and Hospital as well as big super markets, for 20 years, at this rate, MDs will spend about N9.6 million ($48,480) on fuel alone excluding maintenance and replacement costs. According to MDs, this is a typical scenario for many. Mastery Engineering saw the need as an opportunity to enlighten MDs on new energy trends that could help reduce costs and offer more energy security.

batteries of different kinds

In the world we live in today, there are a number of alternative sources of electricity. The good news is that we are no longer constrained to the “business as usual” approach of the electricity chain where a huge power plant thousands of miles away is the sole source of electricity.

New and renewable energy technologies such as solar have a transformational role for many homes in Nigeria. The case for residential solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in Nigeria is principally based on two major factors- the ability of the technology to provide cost savings and power reliability for customers.

Mastery Engineering put it to you that .Over the past decade, the cost of going solar has significantly reduced by more than 40 percent due to falling manufacturing costs and market competition. The average cost of solar panels has gone from $3.00/watt in 2005 to $0.48/watt in 2015.
Currently, the average cost of installing a 4-kW solar PV system for an average three-bedroom household in Nigeria is N1.8 million ($9,090) including the costs for a battery bank for energy storage. In addition, the solar panels have 20 to 25 years warranty from manufacturers.

Inverter of different kinds

Improvements, solar technology have made open the possibilities for sustainable and more reliable electricity through the sun’s free energy. Globally, solar electricity systems, typically on rooftops, are the most common solar installations by far. They comprise of electricity generating solar panels mounted on rooftops of residential or commercial buildings. With these, there are no fuel or maintenance costs for any mechanical moving parts. It’s a no brainer (really) in tropical climates and regions with more sunny days than cloudy and rainy ones.

Although, it is arguable that the initial cost of installation is relatively pricey, there is no doubt that solar technologies offer a much sought after cocktail – financial savings mixed with power reliability, when compared to the use of the most widely used alternative power technologies in Nigeria, —petrol and diesel powered generators. Invariably, as solar customers continue to
experience price crashes, so will its popularity and patronage increase. Eventually, solar will dominate the “energysphere” because it is a technology, not a fuel.

Propose solar installation to fight electricity. With System Size: 16.3kWp, Solar Panel: 255W

Mastery Engineering disclose and propose an alternative to stabile electricity without maintenance which is Solar installation in, for multi-purpose megastore, to meet electricity demand and reduce the escalating costs of purchasing diesel to power their generators in Hospitals, Hotels, Motels, Educational primacies or households etc. Mastery Engineering put it to you the solution, a 16.3kWp system installed on its roof top. The system is made up of 64 x 255W Canadian Solar Panels, 2 x 10kVA inverters, 30 x 200AH Gel Batteries and 2 x 180V charge controllers, this may increase or decrease in calculating your electrical items.

This system is able to reduce monthly fuel costs by 80% and make uninterrupted power supply to any premises a reality. Now, with the above recommendation an individual generates 71,552kWh of electricity annually.

An example of solar light inverter installation budget by Mastery Engineering.

Our other services: * Digital signage boards/ Picture Led Screens * Solar inverter designs, installation & Maintenance * Solar pump/Borehole installation * Auto changerovers / Industrial Stab, BN2395855 lizers * Digital Oven * Incubator designs * Electronic Bell * Call Attention syst.

Mastery Engineering is made up of KASA ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED, which professionalism involves:-

Manufacturing Engineering (Power Equipment and Machinery)
Mechanical Engineering (Turn-Key)
Civil Engineering (Building and Roads)
Electrification Projects
Renewable Energy (Green Energy – Solar Light)
We design and construct solar light traffic light installation.
Research and Development

Above shows the solar traffic light stand design by Mastery Engineering

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