When I moved to Abuja few years ago, I met a muslim lady at CBN library who happened to be a senators daughter.

We read a lot and shared so many things in common. What connected us was our values, religion belives and Food cause we were foodies

Weeks later she informed me about her upcoming wedding and sent  an invite for her spinster eve that held at an exotic club here in Abuja. Well, that was my second time of clubbing in my life and i really  looked forward to it.

At the club while sitting at the VIP lounge designated for us, I realised I needed a bubble gum cause I was already feeling sleepy since I wasn’t use to staying out late at night so I stepped out to get one by the road side .

Getting to the road I felt a hand grab my shoulder. Looking backwards it was a young pretty girl in a short dress looking so worried, she was in her early 20s. Then I stepped back to ask why she needed my attention and she responded “Sister please am a sex worker can you please take me into the club? The club bouncers dont allow us to gain entrance because they know we can’t afford anything and will be only there to find customers

I had no clue of what she was talking about but since she wanted to get in, I agreed to help

While we walked in, the bouncers seem to have known her face and stopped her half way
But I quickly held her hand and intervene, telling them she was my guest, so they permitted her

We got in, and she pleaded again to join me where I would be seated cause they will still send her out when they sight her all by herself

I agreed and took her to our lounge despite she was a stranger thou was a bit worried cause I wouldn’t want my friends to loose their belonging like phones, money, car keys etc

While at the lounge, it was pretty hard to communicate with her due of the loudness of the music so I literally have to scream into her ear to talk to her

I offered her the cigerrates and drinks that were available and she was so happy to have a taste of Hennessey and champagne for the first time in her life

I Didn’t want her to be uncomfortable so I intentionally didn’t ask why she was a sex worker. Then I told her how I feel she needs to slow down on her tobacco consumption cause of the health implications and also quit drugs cause she admitted to being a drug addict.

While I gave her some health talk, she paid maximum attention and was grateful. I enquired if she was hungry and I ordered chicken wings for her too.

Watching her look so happy gave me some level of satisfaction while she ate, I guess she forgot she was there to man hunt so I asked her what next? cause my friends and I would be leaving to another club.

She went mute and looked sober, then I asked what was wrong and reminded her she isn’t my guest so I can’t take her along as well. She just hugged me tightly and said she doesn’t want me to leave. In my mind (ewooo, e don happen) She became teary and I felt emotional as I pleaded with her promising to meet her again
But she kept saying….

Nobody has ever treated me with so much love before. You didn’t see me like a sex worker;
You offered me food and expensive drinks;
I watched u dilute my drink with coca cola just not to see me intoxicated; You Allowed me sit with your rich friends without mentioning am a sex worker to them; You even held my hand and took me in like a sister when I was almost been sent out; I completely forgot I came here to hustle but I said to myself, even if I don’t leave with a man tonight, I have had the privilege to dine with the mightiest and that’s enough for me tonight. If you were a guy I would plead with you to please marry me.

That got me laughing hard and I asked how much does she charge per night and she said 5 – 8k. I transferred 10k to her but (that was like adding salt to an injury) cause she sobbed harder and I was seriously confuse on what to do with her. I have never known sex workers as very emotional people so it was a shock to me.

The senario attracted two of my friends Nnamdi and Harry who were watching came around to ask if everything was okay.

Then I explained to them what was happening and they smiled, they held her and teased her for being a cry cry baby. While they tried to make her smile and ask her questions, we found out she’s an Anambra girl but didn’t wanna reveal her town.

The guys transferred additional 20k to her for being our friend and pleaded with her to let me go but aunty had already ruined her makeup with tears and wouldn’t stop crying while holding me, she eventually followed us out of the club and I kept trying to pacify her with sweet talks on how I will come back for her later when I heard the bride to be call my name asking why my friend won’t be joining us to the next place; She probably thought  the lady was my guest, I became speechless cause i didn’t know how to say she wasn’t my friend but the other guys quickly said

Ella bring her over nnaa….

That was how she joined us in the car to the next club but While at the back of the car she naively said in an innocent tone…..

“I wish God will help me so i can go to school, stop prostitution then I can drive big cars like you people”

We all affirmed  her prayer with a very loud amen. Now she’s a student of Nasarawa state university keffi studying
Computer sciences.


Their present situation shouldn’t define them.



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