In the scripture “when you know my name you will enter the kingdom of heaven”.

According to the Living Perfect Master  SATGURU MAHARAAJ JI, is telling humanity that the  Creator (God) name as well as the Holy name for humanity to use is ‘MAHARAJ JI’. Maharaj Ji (God) is the Chairman while Sat Guru Maharaj Ji in human form is the managing director.

Sat Guru Maharaj Ji – The Livingiving Perfect Master

‘It like this, people using old models of cars and a scientist just invented a new brown of care, so everybody is expected to use this new brand model of car, because this car is very effective, strong and fine,  SATGURU MAHARAJ JI is here to show us the way to be in perfect term with the Creator MAHARAJ JI’ Sat Guru Maharaj Ji explained.

‘When you chant this Holy name MAHARAJ JI (Chinaka, Abasi, Esowo-nton, Allah etc), your life will be in 360, that is your life will be like a round circle without a bend’.

When you go in to the spiritual excise by chanting the Holy name MAHARAJ JI you become happy when you are in anger, when you are not happy with yourself or situation of things, you drive yourself into harmony.

Miracles happen to us on daily bases, as a devotee of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, When you chant the Holy name from 30 or more Minuit, you wait for response.  You can chant the Holy name MAHARAJ JI even if you are not a devotee of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI,  the spiritual excises will not change you from your religion.

The chanting of the Holy name MAHARAJ JI is just like meditations but deferent from prayers , when you are into the spiritual excises of  chanting the Holy name MAHARAJ JI rather than going into prayers which is requesting from the Creator MAHARAJ JI –  God, which is a sin, you don’t tell the Creator what to do for you. But when you go in to meditations and chanting the Holy name MAHARAJ JI the Creator, You have allowed the Creator decision and plans for you to flow in to your life time.

It is just like this,  when you go into prayers you have conflict going on spiritually between two set of persons or group, who have deferent intention and request at the same moment. 

For example, at the same moment, a Man is praying to the Creator for rain so as to aid hi croups to grow well, while at the same moment a Man is also praying no rain so as to aid him build up his mound house. So you see, conflict is on between Mans prayers.

When you go into chanting the Holy name MAHARAJ JI or other forms of meditations, you give chance for the Creators well. As a non devotee of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI you can chant the Holy name MAHARAJ JI it will be very effective, don’t condemn yourself or degrade yourself, every person is qualifier to chant the Holy name MAHARAJ JI, The Living Perfect Master Sat Guru Maharaj Ji explained.k

When  a human being is death, the law of KARMA comes in to play, questions will arise, on earth were you tolerant, loving,  were you an extension of you neighbour. 

KARMA and reincarnation come into play after a human being is propose death, we are advice that; “ we should always chant the Holy name MAHARAJ JI as well as meditation every time when the situation of the moment permit” when you do thing you are in to dialogue with the Creator MAHARAJ JI.

According to some spiritualist, ‘some times do not pray, chant as well as meditate for someone or persons who is ill or sick’, because mite want to use the present situation to favor himself. Before you go into begging, prayers, chanting or meditating for some body,  you asks for permission from the ill person, when you go into praying for somebody without permission you brake the spiritual laws of life, according to the law of KARMA,  you must ask for permission before any action or steps are been taken.  

Some time as devotees of SAT GURU MAHARAJ JI faces criticism, mocking, disfavor etc from people because he or her is not a Christian, Muslim etc, want to be superior forgetting that superiority is one of the problem that have cause conflicts between religions.

When you go into practicing the teachings of the LIVING PERFECT MASTER  SAT GURU MAHARAJ JI, you get into personal self experiences, you get into decision making on where to go to, as a  devotee of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI by, MAHARAJ JI’S grace, am not saying you should leave your faith for my faith.

You can be with your own decision after going into the chanting and practicing the teachings of SAT GURU MAHARAJ JI. Do not cheat yourself by saying you are not qualifier to chant the Holy name MAHARAJ JI  or becoming a devotee of SAT GURU MAHARAJ JI’ or distinguish yourself because of the difference. 



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