Questions with the aim to gather the truth, true fact which had cause Man and animals differences in modern time, and inadequate flow of love between men and animals, the love that was they at the beginning of Creation is in extinct.

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It is mandatory for the modern day men to look into reconciliation which will be energies by emitting love towards the oneness of man, animals and plants that was in exist at the beginning of time, at the first home (GARDEN OF EDEN) of the parents (ADAM and EVE) of the modern men. 

It is widely agreed that the first man on earth who is the physical father to the modern men on earth, lived with all kinds of sets of animals in the best vegetation (garden) ever imagine by the modern day man. But in this modern time, differences exist as every day, man and animals go they separate ways, as high enmity is generated from individual minds of both man and animals of all kinds. Which makes plant unimportant and for plants not to be used to perform it duty. 

Man and animal’s origin can’t be over looked, and cannot be explain, weather it is the will of the creator for man and animals to be on separate ways, in this modern time. But no matter the differences of man and animals as well as plants. Man animals and plants pass through the natural law of live which is birth, death and rebirth (reincarnation).

Man and animals origin can be explain in modern time in two ways. Which are:- traditional in our individual cultural believes of each community round the world,  secondly man origin is also explain through the modern day science with hypothesis.

Sciences see man as a product of evolution, but the disbelieve is that man evolved through gradual process of change from either species to the present stage Homo sapiens, this ‘evolutional process has implications’ on the growth of all communities round the world and affect ‘domain of life’. Man is a dynamic creature who has the grace of free will to any and believes on any of his choice, this has given social changes in all dimension and probability.

 Man believes on what gives him what he wants, and his thoughts. Man influence in his socials environment:- law politics marriages etc in his immediate environment in the community is inherited by birth. Man creativity influence man social environment. This creative act is the bed rock of all institutions round the world, institution like marriage family law economy and politic.

Man and animal come from one source the creator, man was created out of the grace and love of the creator as well as animals and plants. It is seen and believes that man perfection level is more than animals, for that is why we say. Man was created out of the image of God, and also let create man in our own image. This gave man the grace to be in higher perfection than animals, but animals are low spirit. This should not give man the temerity to use animal (aquatic and non-aquatic animals) as food. 

Man and Animals of all kinds have they level of perfection papoose of living and ways of doing things. However, weather the differences exist in the modern day man and animals, it is agreed by many that from the beginning of creation oneness existed between man and animal while plants mad a good vegetation to enhance man and animals stay on earth, in the garden of Eden.

Both plant and animals are from one source the creator. All humans from various trips, communities, faiths or religious groups have individual dogma or believes on man origin, men see and call the creator so many names in different languages like- Jehovah, chinake in the Ibo language, Esowo-Nton in  Bakor language. The people of Efic call the creator Abasi etc, round the world thousands of names are attributed by men for creator.  

If the first man and animals of all kinds lived in the ‘garden’ which was surrounded by water, good vegetation of various plants, then man animals and plants are formed out of the creators grace love and wish of the creator, since man is not perfect the mercy of the creator remains. It is also the creator wish for  the earth  which contains man animals and plants to be one and unique, this modern day man differences with animals have called for sicknesses of all kinds, hardship, hatred, conditional love, war, tribalism exist in all environment or communists, all this lids to poor spiritual strength  and poor development in all ramification.   

However If man and animals can resolve and eradicate the differences in between, living in love peace and harmony will come to stay.  Which was the one love family of old,  that was there at the beginning of time, for which love was the prime factor of motion; today man must go vegetarian way, for peace to rain among living creatures- man plants and animals. For that is the principle and aim for the earth by the creator.



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