Stories actually relax the mind, good written stories gives lessons and picture the reality of life.

TWIST OF FATE’S lessons are: (a) love for no reason (b) Let not your imaginations deceive you.

Each time I asked him what he does for a living, he told me he is a veterinary Doctor and also into poultry farming.
I consoled myself by saying “well,  poultry business is very lucrative,  even if he does not see animals to inject, he will still be financially okay. Each time I closed my eyes, I imagined a big poultry farm with lots of chicks,  hen,  cock, turkey and crates of eggs for distribution.  I imagined managing the poultry even.

From a far,  l showered him lots of love,  my call was always the first to wake him up and last before he retires to bed.  I wrote him plenty love messages, I got so crazily in  love with him and He too was also crazily in love with me, we grew so fond of each other within a short period of time. Each time I asked for something, he told me he would do it when free. I didn’t bother him so much.

To cut the story short, I decided to pay him a visit during the Christmas holiday since my parents travelled to village leaving me home alone.On that day, I parked few things because I knew I would sleep over. When I got to Aba park,  I called him to come and pick me,  he apologized and begged me to board another vehicle going to umuocham that he was too busy.  “I thought you have a car” l said to myself.

When I got to Umuocham, I stood under a mango tree hoping he would come pick me but when l called him again,  he said please  pick a keke to umuobolo market square. Jesus!  another one? Because of what  l felt for him,  I did  same.  Then he told me “from there,  baby make a turn to your left and ask of Anyalewechi’s  compound. I said to him “but baby you didn’t tell me you travelled to village.  I would have preferred  to meet you in your house in town. He didn’t really say anything but apologised.

When l eventually got to the compound, I expected to see his family members but instead I saw neighbours hanging at their room doors with naked children jumping up and down.

The environment was so uncomfortable and dirty . He took me inside a room that was not well furnished,  everywhere looked so unkempt.

He said “baby welcome to my small home,  just manage me for now,  next year I intend getting an apartment in the town. The one room apartments I saw there are so expensive” For more than 30 minutes,  I didn’t say a word to him, l held myself real tight till I managed to ask of his poultry farm while he excitedly told me to follow him. 

On getting to the back of the house, he pointed at a cage with just 5 skinny old layers “baby , l just started small,  hoping to grow bigger and you know it’s season,  so I sold some an…,  I shouted “please stop calling me baby!  Please stop!. He was shocked and surprised.  Really,  I prayed for the ground to open for me to enter or disappear  to Port Harcourt. When we got back into the hut he called room,  I asked him about his job as a veterinary Doctor and he gave me the final shock of my life by saying “Baby I just finished learning the skill,  l will start practicing next year.  I screamed again “you are a liar and a deceit! Why didn’t you tell me you never saw the four walls of a high institution,  why didn’t you tell me you had no poultry farm?  Why didn’t you tell me you had no nice apartment  and a car to your name? why did you allow me to risk my life coming  all the way from Portharcourt to visit you. I don’t like Aba for anything,  but I just had to be here for you only to get this shock of my life.  I hate you!  and l wish I could withdraw all my calls,  all the sweet and lovely things I ever said to you because you don’t worth it,  if l ask you for transport fair now,  I know you won’t provide it. 

For more than 15 minutes,he didn’t say a word to me but continually stared at me which broke me more.  Later he said “but l never lied to you and you never asked me further questions about me or my business. May be if you had asked, l would have told you exactly my worth and my capabilities. I own a poultry but is not large and of course you never asked me if i had a big farm or not,  I told you I live in Aba,  but you never asked me where exactly l stay or the kind of apartment I lived,  I told you I am a veterinary Doctor,  but you never asked me if i studied it or not.  I thought all of that meant nothing to you, l thought you loved me naturally. I am sorry if you mistook me for another.  I am not that rich guy you thought I was or imagined, l own nothing for now,  but I believe I will make it.  You think I broke your heart? You think l deceived you?  you think I lied?  trust me,  you broke my heart instead,  you decieved me instead by making me believe you are real. Read my lips “you are fake and you are never going to have it that easy.  If you love me,  still stick around me,  but if you don’t, make your choice. I can pay your Transport fair and all what you have spent on calls so l would owe you nothing. I swear down, the love I had for him died immediately, he looked like the devil to me and l could no longer see the tush, sweet guy I met at Port Harcourt mall again. My body began to itch me as l thought of the next thing to do, l am so depressed and frustrated right now…

By Kingsleyagbor



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