Relationship and marriage when in trouble, the victims sees the relationship or marriage as a mistake rather than looking inward to see what may had caused the troubles, and mistakes they are making in their well deserved relationship.

When trouble(s) arises, regrets are build up in the mind, in why he or she went into  marrying their wife or husband, or being into the relationship, some time the thinking of have a new partner or relationship arises in the mind, which is never the best option, for there is no perfect person for any engagement(s) any where.

When divorce or remarrying become the last option, many at the senter of the new relationship, would wish they had remained with their first relationship or spouse, as greater trouble in the new relationship or spouse unfold gently, because first relationship or marriage was not a error, and the mistake that gave right for couple to go separate ways in the first relationship is not discovered yet.

Since that error have not been discover, remarrying or going into new relationship again and again become a character, still experience problems, discovering  the mistakes in relationship or marriage and correcting them is the best thing.

Take note divorce or separation is never the solution when you are having problems in your relationship or marriage.

For instance. Maintainability, is what make locomotive keep going. Like wise in health, no matter how excruciating the pain in the body part is, you do not cut off the body part away, taking care of the health challenge would be the best option.

In Electricity, replacement of the bulb to light up the room again, when the bulb blows out.

In our relationship and marriage issues, we don’t have to try to change the spouse, changing attitudes that  creates the problem, is the biggest and best form of resolving crisis in a relationship or marriage affairs.

Many enjoy their relationship and marriages to the fullest, admirers  and cherisher will continue to admire. While opposite is displayed in our own marriage, why? the question remains.

Many some have worked and are constantly working on their relationship or marriage, by paying the necessary price. That’s is one of the secrets to an admirable relationship or marriage. “The way you make your bed is the way you will lie on it”.

Relationship and  marriage remain good, sweet or bad as you want it to be. Many couples, accuse each other of being responsible for the failure of their relationship and also marriage.

In relationship or marriage were crisis is, pointing accusing fingers at each other for being responsible for the bad relationship or marriage is regular, saying many bad things about their spouse, calling each other names, thinking that marrying the man or woman was a mistake in their thoughts.

Let it be clear here, your marriage or relationship or spouse is or was not a mistake, ‘you are the mistake’, in your bitterness, selfishness, ignorance, stinginess, not being considerate,       habit, character, manner, anger, unforgiveness,  lovelessness, laziness, lack of love, lack of affection, lack of attention, impatience, and infidelity are the mistakes in you.

From Mastery media and Foundation, it is better to be late than never,  rise up and shine, rebuild yourself your relationship or marriage. because your relationship of marriage and spouse is never a mistake.

I repeat, separation or divorcing  are never the best options.

Say no to conflicts, say no to separation or divorcing.

Say yes to rebuilding your self, your relationship or marriage and you spouse

From Mastery Media And Foundation

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